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Ticker Company Name Sector Exchange
G:ABK A-B Vassilopoulos Food & Drug Retailers Athens
G:AEG Aegean Airlines CR Travel & Leisure Athens
D:32A Aegean Airlines CR  Travel & Leisure Frankfurt
D:32AX Aegean Airlines CR  Travel & Leisure XETRA
G:AEGK Aegek CR Construction & Materials Athens
D:AGK Aegek CR  Construction & Materials Stuttgart
G:AIOK Aeolian Investment Fund Equity Inv. Instruts. Athens
G:ATEG Agricultural Bank of Greece Banks Athens
G:AGRA Agrotiki Insurance Nonlife Insurance Athens
G:AKRI Akritas Construction & Materials Athens
G:VETE Alapis Phar. & Biotech. Athens
D:FFEB Alapis  Phar. & Biotech. Berlin
D:FEFX Alapis  Phar. & Biotech. XETRA
@APSHF Alapis Holding  Industiral and Commercial Phar. & Biotech. Non NASDAQ OTC
G:ALCO Alco Hellas Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:AETF Alpha Asset Management Mutual Fund  Nonequity Inv. Instru. Athens
G:ASAK Alpha Astika Akinita REI & Services Athens
G:PIST Alpha Bank Banks Athens
D:ACB Alpha Bank  Banks Frankfurt
D:ACBX Alpha Bank  Banks XETRA
D:ACBA Alpha Bank AE ADR  Banks Frankfurt
@ALBKY Alpha Bank AE Sponsored ADR 4:1 Banks Non NASDAQ OTC
@ALBQY Alpha Bank AE Sponsored GDR 4:1 Banks Non NASDAQ OTC
ACBD Alpha Bank GDR  Banks SEAQ International
D:AHF Alpha Grissin Power and Soft. & Comp. Serv. Berlin
G:AGRI Alpha Grissin Power and. Environmental Control Systems Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:ANDR Alpha Trust Andromeda Investment Trust Equity Inv. Instruts. Athens
G:ATRU Alpha Trust Investment Services Financial Services Athens
G:ALSI Alsinco Personal Goods Athens
D:AXY Altec SA Information and  Soft. & Comp. Serv. Stuttgart
G:ALT Altec SA Information and Communication System Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
D:A3A Alumil Aluminium  Industry Indus. Metals & Mining Frankfurt
G:ALU Alumil Aluminium Industry Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:ANL Anek Lines CR Travel & Leisure Athens
D:AKL Anek Lines CR  Travel & Leisure Berlin
G:ANLE Anek Lines Property 1990 Issue Travel & Leisure Athens
G:ANLO Anek Lines Property 1996 Issue Travel & Leisure Athens
G:ASCO AS Company General Retailers Athens
D:PZD Astir Palace  Vouliagmeni Travel & Leisure Stuttgart
G:ASTR Astir Palace Vouliagmeni Travel & Leisure Athens
G:ATHI Athena Construction & Materials Athens
D:ACS Athens Medical  Centre Health Care Equip. & Service Stuttgart
G:IATP Athens Medical Centre Health Care Equip. & Service Athens
D:EYP Athens Water Supply and  Sewage Gas, Water & Multiutilities Stuttgart
G:EYD Athens Water Supply and Sewage Gas, Water & Multiutilities Athens
G:ATLA Atlantic Supermarket Food & Drug Retailers Athens
G:ATT Attica Bank Banks Athens
D:BCA Attica Bank  Banks Berlin
G:EPAT Attica Holdings Travel & Leisure Athens
D:AAE1 Attica Holdings  Travel & Leisure Stuttgart
G:NMAT Attica Publications Media Athens
D:BX8 Attica Publications  Media Berlin
G:ATTI Atti-Kat Construction & Materials Athens
G:AUDI Audio Visual Enterprises Media Athens
G:AUTO Autohellas Travel & Leisure Athens
D:YNM Avenir Leisure and Entertainment  Intc. Industrial Engineering Frankfurt
D:YNMX Avenir Leisure and Entertainment  Intc. Industrial Engineering XETRA
G:AVE Avenir Leisure and Entertainment Intc. Industrial Engineering Athens
G:MENT Axon Holdings Health Care Equip. & Service Athens
D:AYW1 Axon Holdings  Health Care Equip. & Service Berlin
D:UM4 Babis Vovos International  Technical REI & Services Stuttgart
G:VOV Babis Vovos International Technical REI & Services Athens
G:BALK Balkan Real Estate REI & Services Athens
G:ELL Bank of Greece Banks Athens
D:BGC Bank of Greece  Banks Frankfurt
D:BGCX Bank of Greece  Banks XETRA
G:PEIR Bank of Piraeus Banks Athens
D:BKP Bank of Piraeus  Banks Frankfurt
D:BKPX Bank of Piraeus  Banks XETRA
@BPIRY Bank of Piraeus Unsponsored ADR 2:1 Banks Non NASDAQ OTC
G:MPEK Benrubi H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
G:BIKK Biokarpet H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
G:BRTE Biomedical and Robotics Technology Health Care Equip. & Service Athens
G:BIOT Bioter Construction & Materials Athens
G:MPTK Bitros Holding CR Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:BYTE Byte Computer Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
D:BYM Byte Computer  Soft. & Comp. Serv. Stuttgart
G:CAR C Cardassilaris and Sons - Cardico Food Producers Athens
G:DEPO Centric Multimedia Leisure Goods Athens
G:TYRN Chatzikraniotis Mills Food Producers Athens
@CCHOF Coca Cola Hellenic  Beverages Non NASDAQ OTC
D:CCKX Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling  Beverages XETRA
CCB Coca-Cola HBC (SEAQ International) Beverages SEAQ International
G:EEEK Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Beverages Athens
D:CCK Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling  Beverages Frankfurt
@CCHBF Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling  Beverages Non NASDAQ OTC
D:CCKA Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling  SA ADR 1:1 Beverages Stuttgart
U:CCH Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling SA ADR 1:1 Beverages New York
G:COMP Compucon Computer Applications Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
D:CN3 Compucon Computer Applications  Soft. & Comp. Serv. Berlin
G:COR Corinth Pipe Works Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:CPI CPI Computer Tech. Hard. & Equip. Athens
G:CREP Crete Plastics Chemicals Athens
G:ELAS Crown Hellas Can General Industrials Athens
G:LPCM Cyclon Hellas Chemicals Athens
D:L5H Cyclon Hellas  Chemicals Berlin
G:DAOP Daios Plastics Chemicals Athens
D:D3A Daios Plastics  Chemicals Berlin
G:HGYA Diagnos and Therapeutics CNTR of Athens Hygeia Health Care Equip. & Service Athens
G:DIAS Dias Equity Inv. Instruts. Athens
G:DIFF Dias Aqua Culture Food Producers Athens
G:DION Dionic Support Services Athens
G:DCIT Diversa Financial Services Athens
G:DOMI Domiki Kritis Construction & Materials Athens
G:DOPP Doppler Industrial Engineering Athens
G:DROM Dromeas Office Furniture Industry H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
G:DRU Druckfarben Hellas Chemicals Athens
G:DOUR Duros Personal Goods Athens
G:EPA E Pairis General Industrials Athens
G:EDRA Edrasis Psallidas Construction & Materials Athens
D:EFG EFG Eurobank  Ergasias Banks Frankfurt
@EGFEF EFG Eurobank  Ergasias Banks Non NASDAQ OTC
D:EFGX EFG Eurobank  Ergasias Banks XETRA
G:EFG EFG Eurobank Ergasias Banks Athens
@EGFEY EFG Eurobank Unsponsored ADR 2:1 Banks Non NASDAQ OTC
G:EKT Ekter Construction & Materials Athens
G:MOUK El D Mouzakis Personal Goods Athens
G:KALK Elastron Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:ELBC Elbisco Holding Food Producers Athens
G:ALTR Eleftheri Tileorasi Media Athens
D:BX4 Eleftheri Tileorasi  Media Berlin
G:ELFK Elfico Personal Goods Athens
G:ELGE Elgeka CR Food Producers Athens
G:ELIN Elinoil General Retailers Athens
D:EL7 Elinoil  General Retailers Berlin
G:ELTE Ellaktor Construction & Materials Athens
D:HLL Ellaktor  Construction & Materials Frankfurt
D:HLLX Ellaktor  Construction & Materials XETRA
G:ELMK Elmec Sport Personal Goods Athens
D:ELC Elmec Sport  Personal Goods Stuttgart
G:ELTO Elton CR Chemicals Athens
G:ELTK Eltrak CR Industrial Engineering Athens
G:VEPA Elval-Hellenic Aluminium Industry Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
D:ELL Elval-Hellenic Aluminium Industry  Indus. Metals & Mining Frankfurt
G:ELVE Elve Personal Goods Athens
G:ELBI Elviemek Land Development Logistics Parks REI & Services Athens
D:CMX Emporiki Bank of  Greece Banks Frankfurt
D:CMXX Emporiki Bank of  Greece Banks XETRA
G:EMP Emporiki Bank of Greece Banks Athens
G:EMKO Emporikos Desmos CR H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
G:EMPO Emporikos Desmos Property H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
G:ENTE Entersoft Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:ENVI Envitec Support Services Athens
G:EPSI Epsilon Net Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:ETEM Etem Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:EUP Eurobank Properties Reit. REITs Athens
G:EUBK Eurobrokers Insurance Brokers CR Nonlife Insurance Athens
G:EURC Euroconsultants Support Services Athens
G:EDRI Eurodrip Construction & Materials Athens
D:E5D Eurodrip  Construction & Materials Berlin
G:DHM Euroholdings Cap and Investment C Food Producers Athens
G:ELIE Euroline Investment CR Equity Inv. Instruts. Athens
G:NMDA Euromedica Health Care Equip. & Service Athens
D:DNX Euromedica  Health Care Equip. & Service Berlin
G:EUPC European Reliance General Insurances CR Nonlife Insurance Athens
G:EX Euroxx Securities Financial Services Athens
G:EVRO Evrofarma Food Producers Athens
G:REPL Fashion Box CR Personal Goods Athens
G:BIMK FG Europe H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
D:FGE FG Europe  H.hold Goods & Home Const. Frankfurt
G:KYR FHL H Kyriakidis Marbles Granites Construction & Materials Athens
G:FIER Fieratex Personal Goods Athens
G:FINA Fintexport Personal Goods Athens
G:FLEX Flexopack General Industrials Athens
G:KEPE Flour Mills Kepenos Food Producers Athens
G:SARA FLR Mills C Sarantopoulos Food Producers Athens
G:FOL Folli-Follie Personal Goods Athens
D:FOF1 Folli-Follie  Personal Goods Frankfurt
D:FOFX Folli-Follie  Personal Goods XETRA
G:FOOD Foodlink Industrial Transportation Athens
G:FORT Forthnet Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
D:FN6 Forthnet  Soft. & Comp. Serv. Stuttgart
G:FRLK Fourlis Holding H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
@FOUXF Fourlis Holding  H.hold Goods & Home Const. Non NASDAQ OTC
G:FRIG Frigoglass Industrial Engineering Athens
D:FP6 Frigoglass  Industrial Engineering Stuttgart
G:GMF Galaxidi Fish Farming Food Producers Athens
G:ERMI GEK Terna Holding Real Estate Construction Construction & Materials Athens
G:GKE Geke Travel & Leisure Athens
G:TGEN General Bank of Greece Banks Athens
D:GHB General Bank of Greece  Banks Berlin
G:GEKA General Commercial and Industrial General Industrials Athens
G:SAR Gross Sarantis Personal Goods Athens
G:HAID Haidemenos Support Services Athens
G:VEK Halcor Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
D:HC6 Halcor  Indus. Metals & Mining Berlin
G:ILFK Hatzioannou CR Personal Goods Athens
D:HZI1 Hatzioannou CR  Personal Goods Frankfurt
G:BRAI Hellas Online Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
D:UN5 Hellas Online  Soft. & Comp. Serv. Berlin
G:ELKA Hellenic Cables Elect. & Electrical Equit. Athens
D:HLC Hellenic Cables  Elect. & Electrical Equit. Frankfurt
D:DUY Hellenic Duty Free  Shops General Retailers Berlin
G:DUTY Hellenic Duty Free Shops CR General Retailers Athens
D:HEE Hellenic Exchanges  Holding Financial Services Stuttgart
G:HEL Hellenic Exchanges Holdings Financial Services Athens
G:ELYF Hellenic Fabrics Personal Goods Athens
G:ELFI Hellenic Fish Farming Food Producers Athens
HLPD Hellenic Petrol GDR (SEAQ International) Oil/Gas Prod. SEAQ International
G:HPI Hellenic Petroleum Oil/Gas Prod. Athens
D:HLPN Hellenic Petroleum  Oil/Gas Prod. Frankfurt
D:HLPX Hellenic Petroleum  Oil/Gas Prod. XETRA
G:EBZ Hellenic Sugar Industry Food Producers Athens
D:HE7 Hellenic Sugar Industry  Food Producers Berlin
D:OTES Hellenic Telecom  Sponsored ADR 2:1 Fixed Line Telecons. Frankfurt
D:OTSX Hellenic Telecom  Sponsored ADR 2:1 Fixed Line Telecons. XETRA
U:OTE Hellenic Telecom Sponsored ADR 2:1 Fixed Line Telecons. New York
D:OTE Hellenic Telecommunications  Organisation Fixed Line Telecons. Frankfurt
D:OTEX Hellenic Telecommunications  Organisation Fixed Line Telecons. XETRA
G:HTO Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation Fixed Line Telecons. Athens
OTES Hellenic Telephone Organisation (SEAQ International) Fixed Line Telecons. SEAQ International
G:HPAK Heracles General Cement Construction & Materials Athens
D:HGC Heracles General Cement  Construction & Materials Stuttgart
G:IPPK Hippotour Food Producers Athens
G:IAS Iaso Health Care Equip. & Service Athens
D:IJ5 Iaso  Health Care Equip. & Service Stuttgart
G:INTK Ideal Group CR Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:INTP Ideal Group Property Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:IKO Ikona-Ihos General Retailers Athens
G:IKT Iktinos Hellas Construction & Materials Athens
G:ILEK Ilektroniki Athinon General Retailers Athens
G:ILYD Ilyda CR Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
D:IY3 Ilyda CR  Soft. & Comp. Serv. Berlin
G:IMP Imperio Argo Group Industrial Transportation Athens
G:LYK Inform P Lykos Support Services Athens
D:IPL Inform P Lykos  Support Services Berlin
G:INFO Information Quest CR Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
D:9IV Information Quest CR  Soft. & Comp. Serv. Berlin
G:IME Informer Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
D:IRZ Informer  Soft. & Comp. Serv. Stuttgart
G:INFI Interfish Food Producers Athens
G:INVE Interinvest Equity Inv. Instruts. Athens
G:INTC Intertech Tech. Hard. & Equip. Athens
D:ITZN Intertech  Tech. Hard. & Equip. Stuttgart
G:XYLP Interwood-Xylemboria Construction & Materials Athens
G:XYLK Interwood-Xylemboria A T E N E Construction & Materials Athens
G:INKA Intracom Constructions Construction & Materials Athens
G:INTA Intracom Holdings Tech. Hard. & Equip. Athens
D:INT Intracom Holdings  Tech. Hard. & Equip. Frankfurt
D:INTX Intracom Holdings  Tech. Hard. & Equip. XETRA
G:NMLO Intralot Intergrated Systems and Services Travel & Leisure Athens
@IRLTY Intralot Unsponsored ADR 1:1 Travel & Leisure Non NASDAQ OTC
G:IONA Ionian Hotel Travel & Leisure Athens
G:ABAX J and P Avax Construction & Materials Athens
D:IJ6 J and P Avax  Construction & Materials Stuttgart
G:MPOK J Boutaris and Son Holding Beverages Athens
G:MPOP J Boutaris and Son Holding Property Beverages Athens
G:BABY Jumbo Leisure Goods Athens
G:KART Karatzis General Industrials Athens
G:KARE Karelia Tobacco Tobacco Athens
G:KARA Karmolegos Food Producers Athens
G:KATH Kathimerini Media Athens
G:KEKR Kekrops REI & Services Athens
G:KYRI Kiriacoulis Shipping Travel & Leisure Athens
G:KLE Kleeman Hellas Industrial Engineering Athens
G:KLOK Klonatex Group of Companies CR Personal Goods Athens
G:KLOP Klonatex Group of Companies Property Personal Goods Athens
G:KLM Kloukinas Lappas Construction & Materials Athens
G:KOR Kordellos CH Brothers Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:KORR Korres Natural Products Personal Goods Athens
D:D7D Korres Natural Products  Personal Goods Stuttgart
G:KOYM Koumbas Holdings CR Financial Services Athens
G:KREK Kreka Food Producers Athens
G:KRET Kreta Farm Food Producers Athens
G:KRI KRI KRI CR Food Producers Athens
G:KRIT Kriton Artos Food Producers Athens
G:LAZ Ktima Kostas Lazaridis Beverages Athens
G:DOL Lambrakis Press Media Athens
D:LA3 Lambrakis Press  Media Stuttgart
G:KONS Lamda Development REI & Services Athens
G:LMPS Lampsa Hotel Travel & Leisure Athens
G:KASK Lanakam CB Personal Goods Athens
G:LAVI Lavipharm CR Phar. & Biotech. Athens
D:BXA Lavipharm CR  Phar. & Biotech. Berlin
G:LYB Liberis Publications Media Athens
D:KAG Liberis Publications  Media Berlin
G:LIVA Livani Publishing ORG Media Athens
G:LOGI Logismos Information Systems Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:LOYL Loulis Mills Food Producers Athens
G:MARA Marac CR Tech. Hard. & Equip. Athens
D:M9E Marac CR  Tech. Hard. & Equip. Berlin
G:EGNC Marfin Egnatia Bank Banks Athens
G:INT Marfin Investment Group Holdings Financial Services Athens
D:M3K Marfin Investment Group Holdings  Financial Services Frankfurt
D:M3KX Marfin Investment Group Holdings  Financial Services XETRA
D:MCV Maritime Company of  Lesvos Travel & Leisure Berlin
G:NEL Maritime Company of Lesvos Travel & Leisure Athens
G:MATI Mathios Construction & Materials Athens
G:MEDI Medicon Hellas Health Care Equip. & Service Athens
D:M6E Medicon Hellas  Health Care Equip. & Service Berlin
G:MSHO Mediterra General Retailers Athens
D:DGP1 Mermeren Kombinat  AD Prilep Mining Berlin
G:FHL Mermeren Kombinat AD Prilep Mining Athens
G:METK Metka Industrial Engineering Athens
D:OSQ Metka  Industrial Engineering Stuttgart
G:MEVA Mevaco Metallurgical Industrial Engineering Athens
G:MHXK Michaniki CR Construction & Materials Athens
D:MKI Michaniki CR  Construction & Materials Frankfurt
D:MKIX Michaniki CR  Construction & Materials XETRA
G:MHXP Michaniki Property Construction & Materials Athens
D:MKIV Michaniki Property  Construction & Materials Berlin
G:MIGR MIG Real Estate R E I C REITs Athens
G:MLS Mills Multimedia Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:MIN Minerva Knitwear Personal Goods Athens
G:MINO Minoan Lines Travel & Leisure Athens
D:MNON Minoan Lines  Travel & Leisure Frankfurt
D:MN0X Minoan Lines  Travel & Leisure XETRA
G:MAIK MJ Maillis General Industrials Athens
D:MJL MJ Maillis  General Industrials Frankfurt
@MJMSY MJ Maillis ADR 1:1 General Industrials Non NASDAQ OTC
G:MOXL Mochlos Construction & Materials Athens
G:MOTO Motodynamics General Retailers Athens
G:MOH Motor Oil Oil/Gas Prod. Athens
D:HEM Motor Oil  Oil/Gas Prod. Frankfurt
@MOHCF Motor Oil  Oil/Gas Prod. Non NASDAQ OTC
D:HEMX Motor Oil  Oil/Gas Prod. XETRA
G:MYTI Mytilineos Holdings Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
D:MYH Mytilineos Holdings  Indus. Metals & Mining Stuttgart
G:LEBK N Leventeris CR Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:LEBP N Leventeris Property Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:MODA N Varveris-Moda Bagno Construction & Materials Athens
G:NAYP Nafpaktos Textile Industries Personal Goods Athens
NBGA National Bank Greece ADR (SEAQ International) Banks SEAQ International
G:ETE National Bank of Greece Banks Athens
D:NAG National Bank of Greece  Banks Frankfurt
D:NAGX National Bank of Greece  Banks XETRA
D:NAGB National Bank of Greece  ADR 5:1 Banks Stuttgart
D:GAAX National Bank of Greece  ADR 5:1 Banks XETRA
LX:ETE National Bank of Greece (Luxembourg) Banks Luxembourg
U:NBGA National Bank of Greece Series Preferred SPN ADR 1:1 Banks New York
U:NBG National Bank of Greece Sponsored ADR 5:1 Banks New York
G:NAFT Naytemporiki Publishing Media Athens
G:ETFA NBG Asset Management Mutual Fund Nonequity Inv. Instru. Athens
G:NEO Neorion Holdings Industrial Engineering Athens
G:NEWS Newsphone Hellas Support Services Athens
D:NL5 Newsphone Hellas  Support Services Frankfurt
D:NL5X Newsphone Hellas  Support Services XETRA
G:ALKA Nexans Hellas Tech. Hard. & Equip. Athens
D:BG9 Nexans Hellas  Tech. Hard. & Equip. Berlin
G:NIRA Nirefs Food Producers Athens
G:KATK Nutriart CR Food Producers Athens
G:OPC Olympic Catering Travel & Leisure Athens
G:OPAP Opap Travel & Leisure Athens
D:GF8 Opap  Travel & Leisure Frankfurt
@GRKZF Opap  Travel & Leisure Non NASDAQ OTC
D:GF8X Opap  Travel & Leisure XETRA
G:OPTR Optronics Technologies Tech. Hard. & Equip. Athens
G:TSOU Paperpack-Tsoukaridis General Industrials Athens
G:PARN Parnassos Enterprises Financial Services Athens
G:PASA Pasal Real Estate Development REI & Services Athens
D:3FD Pasal Real Estate Development  REI & Services Frankfurt
D:3FDX Pasal Real Estate Development  REI & Services XETRA
G:PCS PC Systems Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:PEG Pegasus Publishing Media Athens
D:JE5 Pegasus Publishing  Media Berlin
G:PERF Performance Technologies IT Solutions Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:PERS Persefs Food Producers Athens
G:NMPE Petros Petropoulos SA Industrial Engineering Athens
G:PETK Petzetakis Chemicals Athens
D:PTZ1 Petzetakis  Chemicals Berlin
G:NIKA PG Nikas Food Producers Athens
D:NKS PG Nikas  Food Producers Frankfurt
G:NAKA Philippos Nakas General Retailers Athens
G:TZKA Pipe Works CR Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
D:PZE Piraeus Port Authority  Industrial Transportation Stuttgart
G:PPA Piraeus Port Authority CR Industrial Transportation Athens
G:PLAI Plaisio Computers Tech. Hard. & Equip. Athens
G:PAPK Plias Consumer Goods CB Personal Goods Athens
G:KORK Praxitelio Hospital CR Health Care Equip. & Service Athens
G:KORP Praxitelio Hospital Property Health Care Equip. & Service Athens
G:PRSS Profile Systems and Software Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:PRD Proodeftikh Technical Company Construction & Materials Athens
G:PRO Proton Bank Banks Athens
G:PPC Public Power Electricity Athens
D:PU8 Public Power  Electricity Frankfurt
D:PU8X Public Power  Electricity XETRA
PPCD Public Power GDR (SEAQ International) Electricity SEAQ International
G:QUAR Quality and Reliability Soft. & Comp. Serv. Athens
G:KERA Real EST Man and Holding Construction & Materials Athens
G:KAMP Reds REI & Services Athens
G:REVO Revoil General Retailers Athens
G:PINT Ridenco Personal Goods Athens
G:PILK Rilken Personal Goods Athens
D:RYP Royal Olympic Cruise  Travel & Leisure Frankfurt
D:RYPX Royal Olympic Cruise  Travel & Leisure XETRA
@ROCLF Royal Olympic Cruise Lines Travel & Leisure Non NASDAQ OTC
G:SBOD S&B Industrial Minerals Mining Athens
D:SVO S&B Industrial Minerals  Mining Frankfurt
D:SVOX S&B Industrial Minerals  Mining XETRA
G:SANY Sanyo Hellas H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
D:SSA1 Sarantis  Personal Goods Stuttgart
G:SATK Sato Office and Houseware Supplies H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
G:HLEK Sciens International Investments and Holdings Financial Services Athens
G:EPIL Selected Textile Personal Goods Athens
G:SELO Selonda Aquaculture Food Producers Athens
G:SFA Sfakianakis CB General Retailers Athens
G:XALI Sheet Steel Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:SELK Shelman Construction & Materials Athens
D:SWH Shelman  Construction & Materials Stuttgart
G:ESB Sidenor Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
D:SNR Sidenor  Indus. Metals & Mining Stuttgart
G:SID Sidma Indus. Metals & Mining Athens
G:SPCH Space Hellas Tech. Hard. & Equip. Athens
D:H9L Space Hellas  Tech. Hard. & Equip. Berlin
G:SPID Spider Industrial Engineering Athens
G:SPRD Sprider Stores General Retailers Athens
D:4SD Sprider Stores  General Retailers Stuttgart
@GASS Stealth Gas Industrial Transportation NASDAQ
D:S6W Stealth Gas  Industrial Transportation Frankfurt
D:S6WX Stealth Gas  Industrial Transportation XETRA
G:STEL Stelios Kanakis Food Producers Athens
G:TBNK T Bank Banks Athens
G:OLYM Technical Olympic H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
D:TQZ Technical Olympic  H.hold Goods & Home Const. Stuttgart
G:TECP Technical Publications Media Athens
D:BGF Technical Publications  Media Berlin
G:TELE Teletypos Media Athens
D:JDW Teletypos  Media Berlin
G:TEN Terna Energy Electricity Athens
D:44T Terna Energy  Electricity Berlin
G:TEX Texapret Personal Goods Athens
G:SPIR the House of Agriculture Spiroy Chemicals Athens
G:OLTH Thessaloniki Port Authority Industrial Transportation Athens
D:T9W Thessaloniki Water  Gas, Water & Multiutilities Berlin
G:EYAP Thessaloniki Water Supply Gas, Water & Multiutilities Athens
G:THRA Thrace Plastics Chemicals Athens
D:TP3 Thrace Plastics  Chemicals Berlin
G:TITK Titan Cement CR Construction & Materials Athens
D:TIC Titan Cement CR  Construction & Materials Frankfurt
D:TICX Titan Cement CR  Construction & Materials XETRA
G:TITP Titan Cement Preference Construction & Materials Athens
D:TICV Titan Cement Preference  Construction & Materials Berlin
G:PREI Trastor Real Estate REITs Athens
G:AAAK Tria Alpha CR Personal Goods Athens
G:AAAP Tria Alpha Property Personal Goods Athens
G:POST TT Hellenic Postbank Banks Athens
D:P7O TT Hellenic Postbank  Banks Frankfurt
D:P7OX TT Hellenic Postbank  Banks XETRA
G:BIOK Unibios Holdings Construction & Materials Athens
D:BEXN Unibios Holdings  Construction & Materials Berlin
D:NML1 United Textiles  Personal Goods Stuttgart
G:VAR Varangis H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
G:VARD Vardas General Retailers Athens
G:NMBA Varvaressos European SPNG Mills Personal Goods Athens
G:TASO Vell Group H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
D:VIO Viohalco  General Industrials Frankfurt
D:VIOX Viohalco  General Industrials XETRA
G:BIOX Viohalco CB General Industrials Athens
G:VIS VIS-Container CR General Industrials Athens
G:DK Vivartia Food Producers Athens
D:DDS1 Vivartia  Food Producers Frankfurt
D:DDSX Vivartia  Food Producers XETRA
G:VIVE Vivere Entertainment General Retailers Athens
G:VOSY Vogiatzoglou Systems Support Services Athens
G:TEGO XK Tegopoulos Editions Media Athens
D:UW5 XK Tegopoulos Editions  Media Stuttgart
G:YALC Yalco-Constantinou H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens
G:ZAMP Zampa H.hold Goods & Home Const. Athens